Expect to Love It Here

We get this a lot from our tenants, “This is the nicest place I’ve ever lived. And not just because of how good it looks.”

There’s a lot that goes into making a place feel not just gorgeous, but also things like cozy, safe and comfortable. Our staff has been with us for a very long time. We like to think it’s because we make it as pleasant for them as we do for our tenants. After all, we have ulterior motives. The longer they’re here, the more familiar they are with our tenants’ needs and the more they start to feel like family.

From our family to yours, welcome home.

Our Family

We’ve come to understand what rental customers are looking for in their next home. We have it all and it’s offered with the level of service our renters have come to expect.

Jody Steffen

Jody Steffen
General Manager
Two-time Recipient MHA Property Manager of the Year Award

“I care about my residents and my property! I love my job and I am here for you when needed!” –Jody Steffen





Maintenance Staff

We have competent and dedicated team of maintenance technicians, skilled tradesman and obsessive cleaners to ensure your ongoing comfort in your
apartment and to maintain our properties in top physical condition and appearance.

Of course we have 24 hours on call maintenance because sometimes emergencies
happen. Otherwise submitting a work order through your tenant portal is all it takes to get something fixed.

All General Maintenance Calls (NON-EMERGENCY) go through the resident portal on this website. This way, our entire staff is aware of and can track each Maintenance Request.

All EMERGENCY Calls (phone numbers at right) go directly to the OnCall Service numbers and the call is dispatched to one of many of their experienced OnCall Maintenance Technicians.

Leasing Staff

All Resident Questions go through the online resident portal, on our contact page.

Alternately, our Residents can also contact us directly through their property’s email—City Gables or Uptown Plaza: citygables@zpg.com or uptown@zpg.com.

Either option will allow our entire leasing staff to be able to respond and track each Resident Request, Comment or Concern in a timely manner.